Prince William Forest Park

Triangle, Virginia

Administered by the National Park Service, Prince William Forest Park, 18100 Park Headquarters Road, Triangle, VA 22172 Tel. 703-221-4706

map of park From I-95 south of the Capital Beltway, take exit 150B west (Route 619) to Prince William Forest (about 1/4 miles). Enter the park and pay entrance fee (vehicles are $5 for 3 days, walk-ins are $3 for 3 days). Follow the red and white signs to the actual start.

Quantico Orienteering Club Maps

Mawavi-Happyland 1979
Map is 4 colors, 1:15,000 with 10 feet contour. Field work and redrawing by Ned Barton, May 1975. Updated by Howard M. Whitfield.
Oak Ridge 1979
Map is 4 colors, 1:15,000 with 10 feet contour. Field work by Marit and Kristin Beecroft, Mike Bianchetta, Sven Kjelistrom, Bob McKinless and Lennart Swahn. Final drawing by Svan Kjellstrom.
South Fork, Quantico Creek 1992
QOC's map is 5 colors, 1:15,000 with 5 meter contour that is presently being updated for the 2002 US Champs. Photogrammatry by Harvey Map Service, 1991, Field survey and drafting by Rami Pitkanen 1991, correcttions by Janos Soter, George Kirkov, Daniel Heimgartner, Francis Hogle III, Don Davis, and Keg Good.
Turkey Run Ridge, 1972
Map is 4 colors, 1:20,000 with 3 meter contour. Field work and detail check by the 1972 Swedish Military Team of orienteering: Erik Karlsson, Ingvar Rittsel, Bertil Antonsson, Nils-Goran Albinsson, Yngve Odell, Markku Sieppi, Per Engqvist, Leif Clasesson, Bertil Loof, Bjorn Linnerajo, Lennart Lidman. Final map drawing by Lennart Lidman.
Turkey Run Ridge
Map is done in OCAD 4, scale 1:10,000 with 5 meter contour. Field work and drafting by Daniel Heimgartner.
West Prince, 1983
QOC's map is 5 colors, 1:15,000 with 10 ft. contour. Field work by Mikell Platt in 1981 and re-surveyed by Don Davis in 1983.

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